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About Us

About Us

Efforts of dedicated members of Shia community since 1979 led to acquisition of a plot of land and establishment of a non-profit and non-political Al Sadiq Trust in December 1996. That was followed by construction of a complex at a cost of more than Rs. 60 million raised from the local as well other members of the shia community. Al-Sadiq Complex G-9 by the Grace of Almighty Allah Bahqqe Muhammado Aale Muhammad (AS) is the centre of activities of Shia Community in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Religious activities like daily Prayers, Juma Prayers, Azadari, Majalis, Mahafil, Educational activities like Sunday Classes, Arabic and Persian classes, Counseling Sessions, lectures, seminars, Girls’ School, Social/ Cultural Events , Medical Centre, Ghusle Mayyat Facility, Marriage Bureau, Help for Deserving People are among the services arranged for Momineen and Muslimeen

Board of Trustees (Volunteers)

All management affairs of the complex are overseen by a duly constituted Board of Trustees drawn from across various sections of the local Shia community. Allama Agha sheikh Mohammad Shifa Najfi a renowned and respected religious scholar is Patron In Chief of the Trust and Syed Anisul Hasnain Naqvi, a former Senior Technocrat and notable of the Community is Chairman trust. Office bearers that include V Chairman, president management Committee, General Secretary, Finance Secretary, Board Secretary and Functional Committees formed by the Board discharge different functions and duties given by the Trust. The trust has guidelines for all programs to be held in a responsible and disciplined manner; promoting unity among all sections of Muslim Ummah. The Board usually meets at least once a month to undertake minute scrutiny of all planned, ongoing and completed activities in the complex. Additional meetings are held as and when required. Minutes of all meetings are recorded and documented. All trustees attend the meetings regularly and participate and facilitate in various activities in the complex throughout the year.


Under the supervision of Chairman a workforce of 25 full time paid personnel works in the complex that include Manager, Assistant Manager, Accountant, Librarians, Security Supervisor, Guards, Khadmin, Gardner and some part timers like electrician, plumber etc. All financial transactions are documented properly and accounts are regularly audited by a private sector firm of chartered accountants.