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Masjido Imam Bargah Al-Sadiq Trust Rgtd G-9/2, Islamabad, Pakistan

Al-Sadiq Complex G-9 by the Grace of Almighty Allah Bahqqe Muhammado Aale Muhammad (AS) is the centre of activities of Shia Community in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Religious activities like daily Prayers, Juma Prayers, Azadari, Majalis, Mahafil, Educational activities like Sunday Classes, Arabic and Persian classes, Counseling Sessions, lectures, seminars, Girls’ School, Social/ Cultural Events , Medical Centre, Ghusle Mayyat Facility, Marriage Bureau, Help for Deserving People are among the services arranged for Momineen and Muslimeen.

Our Services

Prayers /Majalis-o-Mahafil

The complex has two large halls (25,000 square feet) that serve as main premises for regular daily, juma, etc.


The complex has a small but well planned and well-equipped facility for performing Ghusal of, etc.


There is a separate academic block in the Complex. The block houses a well furnished and stocked, etc.

Girls’ school

There is a separate building which currently houses a girls’ residential religious school. The school is, etc.

Educational Activities & Sunday Classes

The academic block also has classrooms, meeting rooms, an auditorium, and offices for the trust and administration, etc.

Marriage Bureau

Trust has established a marriage bureau for coordination between community members who intend to use this, etc.

Medical Centre

A medical Centre has also been established by Al-Sadiq Trust etc


Accounts of the trust are kept properly on a tailor-made software etc.

How to Join/Collaborate with Al-Sadiq Trust

(With General Donations, Sadaqat, and Khums)

  • Choosing any event/Majlis/ mahfil/seminar from Event Calendar and sponsor it for Eesale Thawab to your Marhumin and for your own Thawab, prosperity and health
  • Sponsor Eesale Thawab of Specific Khamsa (Five-day) Majlis like in Muharram, Safar or Ayyame Fatimiyah as,
  • Take Azadari share for Muharram, Safar Majalis and Ayyame Wiladat Shahadat of Masumin ( Azadari Share is a fixed share in Azadari through out the year comprising, PKR3000, 2000 and 1000)
  • Support Education of deserving students
  • Support needy Momineen through Khums and Sadaqat
  • Support our Sunday Classes that impart necessary religious education needed to spend life according to Talemmate Ahlulbayt AS
  • Arrange Online Majalis and sponsor on line Majalis/ Seminar for Eesale Thawab of your Marhumin
  • Support in IT equipment for live streaming of events and Security equipment etc
  • Support our Medical Centre with donation, medicine, equipment etc
  • Support our library for books and facilities
  • Support of Maghsal System ( Ghusle Mayyat, Tahjizo Takfeen, Ambulance )

Upcoming Programs

Milad Masood 4 Jamidul Awal Hazrat Zainab SA

Our Campaign

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Weekly Program


After Maghrabain Duae Tawassul


After Maghrabain Duae Kumail n Majlis for Eesale Thawab Marhumin


After Fajar prayers Duae Nudba

After Maghrabain Hadeese Kisa

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